Pet Travel

Traveling with a pet can be a big adventure for you both. 

Please take the time, well in advance, to know any requirements you may have. 

While traveling within the country, you may have very minimal interstate transport requirements. However, there are certain places, such as Hawaii, which require up to 6 months of preparation for your pet to travel with you. 

Traveling overseas almost ALWAYS has strict requirements and it the responsibility of the owner to know well in advance what you will need.  We are always happy to guide you and help in any way we can, but it is critical that owners know the ins and outs of the requirements for the region to which you are traveling. 

The USDA pet travel website is the most helpful tool we have for facilitating owners getting the appropriate information. Please utilize this early and often in travel plans. Simply scroll down the page and use the drop down menu to select the country of destination, select you pet species, and follow their guidelines.  Failure to do so can result in long impounding/quarantine, costly fees,  and in extreme circumstances, even euthanasia of pets transported without appropriate paperwork.


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